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Image Ecco un'altra occasione per partire con una spedizione indimenticabile, girando sulla rete ho scovato la Kudu expeditions che propone diversi viaggi tra i quali la classica Paris-Dakar e la molto suggestiva London - Cape Town.
Insomma se avete 4/5 mesi di tempo, lo spirito d'avventura e la disponibilità questi viaggi sono davvero incredibili.
Li ho contattati e mi hanno mandato il programma e qualche foto che trovate nell'articolo completo.


The expedition is designed to cater for riders of all levels of skill and culminates in an amazing 3 day off-road Sahara crossing in Mauritania, where you will camp out under the stars a hundred miles from civilisation. Training is given en-route for off-road novices, and an alternative tarmac route is available for those wanting to take the less strenuous option! The expedition then visits Dakar before ending a short distance over the border in Banjul, Gambia. An amazing achievement on a motorcycle and a journey that we guarantee you will never forget.

Trip Highlights:

- Having your photograph taken next to the Eiffel tower, before starting your marathon 3500 mile adventure across Europe and North Africa, en route to Dakar.
- Exploring the colourful markets and meeting the locals in Marrakech, Morocco.
- Practicing your sand riding techniques in the beautiful coastal region around the town of Dakhla, deep in the Sahara.
- Blasting across vast Saharan plains without a road in sight during the 3 day desert crossing.
- Chatting around the fire about the day’s adventures when camping out in the African bush.
- Getting the sand out of your hair with a much needed cold beer in the cultured colonial town of St Louis, Senegal.
- Riding into Dakar on the last stage of your unforgettable adventure – amazed at what it is you have just achieved.

Tour Itinerary

Week 1: The expedition members and staff, with bikes and support vehicles, will assemble in the UK on the day of departure. Our first day’s riding will take us to Dover and the channel ferry on our way to Paris. In Paris (the spiritual start point of the expedition) we’ll take the opportunity to get some great photos at the Eiffel Tower, before finally riding out of the city on our way to Dakar.

The remainder of the week sees us heading further and further south, though France and into Spain, before finally ending up in Algeciras. It is from here that we take the short ferry ride across the straights of Gibraltar to Morocco and ride onto African soil for the first time. The end of your first week will already see you wandering around the hectic and fascinating markets of Marrakech at the foot of the spectacular Atlas Mountains.

Week 2: The next week sees the expedition head down into the depths of the Sahara – the largest and most spectacular desert on the planet. >From Marrakech to Agadir and then down into Western Sahara we follow a stunning desert coastline south. Towns and villages become more and more remote – sometimes with more than a hundred miles between them – and traffic is all but non-existent.
It is during this stage of the expedition that we stop for a day to practice sand riding for those planning on undertaking the three day off-road desert crossing. Under the tutorship of the Kudu guide you can, in your own time, come to terms with how to handle a motorcycle in the sand. It is a particular knack which takes some getting used to, but once you have mastered it then the fun really begins. Riders are under no obligation to participate in the off-road training or desert crossing as a recently constructed road now means you need never leave tarmac. The expedition crosses the Tropic of Cancer near the stunning coastline at the town of Dakhla, before negotiating the border crossing into Mauritania.

Week 3: Our final week will be an amazing climax to this classic motorcycle journey. After final equipment checks carried out in the isolated Mauritanian town of Nouadhibou, the expedition splits into two groups – those undertaking the off-road desert crossing, and those taking the tarmac. For those going off-road we will leave the asphalt north of Nouadhibou for the 300 mile desert crossing to the capital city of Nouakchott. The desert crossing is now part of overlanding folklore and all those who chose to undertake it will remember the experience for the rest of their lives.

The terrain you can expect to encounter will vary from slower rocky sections, to fast and flat desert plains before finally riding the last hundred miles or so along the serene beach piste to Nouakchott. Here the expedition re-joins those who have taken the tarmac route for the final leg of the journey. Crossing into Senegal the colours and sounds around you will be distinctly African. You’ll get the chance to recover from the Sahara crossing in the beautiful colonial town of St Louis, before continuing south to that haven for bikers and our ultimate goal – Dakar. "


This must be the last true motorcycling adventure. In 4 to 5 months you will cross the length of the world’s toughest and most amazing continent from north to south. When you eventually arrive in South Africa, we guarantee that this epic voyage will have left an indelible imprint on you. You will have become a member of a small band of elite adventurers who can claim to have achieved this truly incredible feat.

Cross the mighty Sahara and find yourself hundreds of miles from civilisation. Visit the diverse, chaotic and colourful towns and cities of West Africa. Negotiate the remote and beautiful rainforests of Central Africa before experiencing the stunning mountains of Angola. Indulge yourself on Safari in the world’s greatest game parks in Southern Africa, before relaxing on the beach in Cape Town and realising that after this adventure you will never quite be the same person again.

Trip Highlights:

- Wandering through the vibrant and bustling markets of Casablanca.
- Camping out under the stars as you head deeper into the Sahara.
- Practicing your sand riding techniques in the beautiful coastal region around the town of Dakhla in Morocco.
- Washing the dust out of your hair after the epic ride to Timbuktu in Mali.
- Chatting around the fire about the day’s adventures during nights spent camping out in the African bush.
- Watching the organised chaos of Makola market unfold in Accra, Ghana.
- Meeting some of the friendliest and most welcoming people in the world in Gabon and Congo.
- Experiencing the breathtaking beauty of the mountains of Angola.
- Going on Safari in the Etosha National Park in Namibia.
- Enjoying the well earned comforts of the tourist trail on the leisurely ride down through southern Africa.
- Musing on the fact that perhaps you aren’t quite ready to go home yet in one of Cape Town’s fantastic restaurants.

Tour Itinerary

Week 1: The first half of week 1 encompasses the ferry crossing and ride across Spain. On day 5 the expedition encounters its first African country as it crosses into Morocco at the Spanish enclave of Ceuta. It is a short ride through the coastal hills to the pleasant town of Asilah for our first night in Africa. Next day we ride to the majestic city of Fez at the foot of the Atlas Mountains, where you will have a full day to explore this famous and bustling city.

Week 2: From Fez the expedition heads south and crosses over the Atlas Mountains. You will pass some of the most stunning scenery anywhere in the world, including the famous Ziz Gorge on your way to the northern stretches of the Sahara Desert. You will also experience your first “bush camp” at the golden sand dunes of Erg Chebbi. From there we head east and spend a night in the spectacular Todra Gorge. We then ride back over the Atlas Mountains to Marrakech, where again you will have plenty of time to rest and explore this fascinating city.

Week 3: This week will see the expedition crossing the Sahara Desert. Nights will sometimes be spent camping out in the desert and this is something that most people find an extremely enjoyable and very memorable experience. After several days ride we reach the beautiful coastal region around the town of Dakhla, just north of the tropic of Cancer. Here we will take a breather and make sure that we are fully prepared as riders and as an expedition, for the much tougher stage ahead. Mauritania, just a day’s ride away, is a much harsher environment in which to travel and live. Much poorer than its northern neighbour you will find it a real eye opener. As we leave the border posts the road simply disappears into the sand.

A fairly brief ride to the desert town of Nouadhibou and we can begin final kit and equipment checks before the epic three day desert crossing. It is approximately 300 miles across the Sahara to the capital city of Nouakchott without a road in sight. The desert crossing will give you some of the most memorable days of your life. Blasting across vast Saharan plains and speeding past huge golden and dunes is an unforgettable experience. If you were a novice sand rider at the start you will think yourself ready to compete in the Paris-Dakar rally by the time we reach tarmac again as we enter the capital.

Week 4: The expedition is now entering sub-Saharan Africa and riders will notice the difference straight away as sand and dust gives way to leafy tropical palms and savannah. We will take a much earned rest in St Louis in Senegal, a fantastic place in which to relax, enjoy a beer, and take in the almost overwhelming sights and sounds unfolding around you. Onwards to Dakar, the ever expanding and relatively modern capital city and then we stop our journey south and begin to head east towards Mali.

Weeks 5 - 6: We will spend almost 2 whole weeks tackling this tough, but very rewarding country. Mali is crammed with fascinating sights and mysterious cultures. Being one of Africa’s poorest regions, however, makes it one of the hardest to explore. We will make the testing journey across the desert to the fabled town of Timbuktu which remains a fascinating place to visit, and will be one of the highlights of the expedition. Making our way through the vast and sprawling chaos of the capital city Bamako will also be an unforgettable experience.

Week 7: From Mali we cross into Burkina-Faso. This small and unassuming country is actually one of the nicest places to spend time in on the whole of the continent. The people are exceptionally friendly and the laid-back town of Bobo-Dioulasso is a great place to unwind in for a couple of days. The interestingly named capital city of Ouagadougou is also a great place to eat or watch the world go by with a cold beer as we get ready to enter Ghana, the first English speaking country we have encountered since leaving Portsmouth.

Week 8: Ghana is our seventh country on this expedition. The fact that English, rather than French is spoken here makes it easier for most to get to know the people. Ghanaians have a reputation as being amongst the friendliest and most welcoming people in the world and you will make friends wherever you go. We will stop off for a day or two in the fantastic Mole national game park before heading for the coast and our half way point on this incredible journey, Accra.

Week 9: The expedition will take a few days to relax and pick up visas in Accra, before heading east, back into French speaking Africa. First Togo with its voodoo fetish markets and stunning palm fringed coastline. Then to Benin, where expedition members will be able to see the famous stilt village at Ganvie, built miles from the shore in the middle of Lake Nokoue.

Week 10: From Benin we head north and cross over into Nigeria, resting up in the town of Abeokuta. Nigeria is African most populous, and some would say most chaotic country and it is once again English peaking. Getting away from the hectic and crowded Lagos region we continue to the calmer north through the new capital city, Abuja, before visiting the Yankari game reserve and then moving on to Cameroon.

Week 11: Our route into Cameroon will take us through lush and remote tropical rainforests on some difficult stretches of road – a great opportunity to practice off road skills before we head into the even tougher sections yet to come. Expedition members will be able to spend a couple of days climbing Mount Cameroon if they so wish, whilst the others relax on the beaches around Douala. We then head to the capital, Yaoundé, before turning south into the jungles of Central Africa.

Week 12: Next we cross into Gabon which is the 12th country on our list. It is a good place to prepare for the most difficult sections of the trans-Africa route still to be tackled. Although Gabon’s roads can be poor in places, in general its infrastructure is good, and riders will undoubtedly enjoy the luxuries that the capital Libreville has to offer. Motorcycles and all our kit and equipment will be thoroughly checked before we cross over into Congo towards the end of the week.

Week 13: This will be a very busy week as we cross from Congo, into the Angolan enclave of Cabinda and back out into the Democratic Republic of Congo. We are now well away from any normal tourist areas and the expedition will undoubtedly get a lot of bewildered attention from the locals as we pass through. Crossing countries like Congo, the Democratic Republic of Congo and Angola should not be taken lightly and this section represents the toughest, but usually most memorable and enjoyable part of any trans-Africa expedition. Most nights will be spent bush camping due to an absence of other amenities. Corruption in some of these countries is commonplace and can lead to delays and some interesting scenarios.

All that is required to enjoy this leg of the expedition is the patience of a saint (something you will already have acquired by this point in the trip) and a good sense of humour. Not many people have been lucky enough to go through this part of the world on a motorcycle and you should savour the experience – we promise you will remember it for the rest of your life!

Weeks 14 - 15: We now cross back into Angola and spend nearly two weeks travelling down south to Namibia. Angola, until very recently, has been synonymous with civil war and as such has always been off limits to travellers. With the fighting well and truly over the whole country is revelling in the peace it has waited so long for. With some of the friendliest and most welcoming people to be found anywhere in Africa, and some of the most spectacular scenery too, it will undoubtedly be the most memorable of all the 17 countries that we pass through. Having visited the capital, Luanda, the route follows the coastal road south before crossing the border into Namibia.

Week 16: It is hard to imagine a greater contrast than between neighbours Namibia and Angola. Suddenly the broken and potholed roads turn into pristine tarmac and there are modern supermarkets selling all the luxuries you could wish for. After the last few weeks of tough but unforgettable travel in Central Africa the expedition members can indulge in western style luxury for a bit. Visit perhaps the finest game park in the world at Etosha, and take in the beautiful countryside whilst never straying too far from modern civilisation.

Weeks 17 - 18: After taking time to re-charge our batteries in Namibia we cross over into South Africa. We are now well and truly back onto the tourist trail and you can relax and enjoy the final leg of the journey. The beautiful and laid back city of Cape Town is the perfect place to end your epic Trans-Africa Adventure. You will have spent 4 months travelling 14,000 miles across the worlds most vibrant and diverse continent and you can now ponder on what it is you have just achieved. The experiences and memories you will have accumulated during this marathon journey will undoubtedly stay with you for the rest of your life.

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